13-12-7 Live @ Schouwburg, Almere - guest of Margreet Dolman theater show


A totally unexpected guest appearance in a major theater show of comedian Paul Haenen / Margreet Dolman in my hometown at the last moment I was called if I wanted to play the same night, so I did, and it was a blast to finish 2007 this way!


-    Interview #1 by Margreet Dolman with A MysterE

1.   Flow

-    Interview #2 by Margreet Dolman with A MysterE

2.   Fuzz (in duet with Margreet Dolman)



Unfortunately no photo or video material from this night, so I'll just have to remember it the way I experienced it!





But afterall, here's the ticket to the show, which was (as you can see) build as Paul Haenen, but that is the real name of his alter-ego Margreet Dolman!



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