15-08-14 Buurtcamping Noorderpark @ Noorderparkbar, Amsterdam




1.    Lips

2.    Dive


Live radio performance (Komkommerradio, Salto, Amsterdam)
3.    La la la song (shorter version especially for radio, see below and listen the radio version on soundcloud!)


4.    Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young)
5.    La la la song (full song)
----------Jam together with all remaining artists--------------
6.    Jolene
(Dolly Parton)
7.    Wild Thing
(The Troggs)  
Danalyze-git, voc  / Leonie Sta-voc / Annette Vogel-voc  / Wanda van Damme-voc / Henk Smit-voc / A MysterE-voc

8.    Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Annette Vogel-git, voc / Danalyze-voc / Leonie Sta-voc / Wanda van Damme-voc / A MysterE-voc




The Promo  



The recording of the radio-performance @ Komkommerradio, Salto, Amsterdam!



The Pix


Pix by Annette Vogel & Danielle Cornelisse, thanx!



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