1-9-5 afternoon performance @ Damoclash, Ship Stubnitz, NDSM-Terrain, Amsterdam 



1.   Skiz

2.  Terminal


3.   Private Isle

4.   Cease 

5.   Alonesome

6.   While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Beatles)

7.   Mellow My Mind (Neil Young)

8.   Destiny



The first song; Skiz                                                                 The second song is Terminal    

The third song; Private Isle                                                  The fourth song is Cease    

Alonesome                                                                    Mellow my Mind (N.Young) / Destiny

Viddies made by Lisette Wissink.        


The pix                 












Pix shot by Kornelis Korpershoek (Sr).



Last two pictures: Copyright DamoClash photographer.


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