2-5-9 The AA- Tour @ Café the Bottom, Emmeloord  


After Runnymede (Canada) & A MysterE met each other through MySpace and got together to do a duo tour, the AA-Tour, through The Netherlands in the first half of May. This was the opening night of the tour in Emmeloord with fab pix made by Nico Reinders. The tour eventually ended up being 5 gigs and a radio-show (on Amsterdam-FM) long! It varied from night to night how the set up was, this night was 3 sets by each after each duo set a small intermission was held and the next block of two sets was done.



Set 1
1.   Free
2.   Need
3.   Private Isle
Set 2
4.   Edge
5.   Lips
6.   Fuzz
Set 3
7.   Road
8.   Only Love Can Break Your Heart (N.Young)
9.   Flow



The promo poster                                                                               The promo card for the tour (designed by Christien)




The website announcement





The following pix are made (& copyright) by Nico Reinders, thanx man (www.bowiefan.nl)!











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