26-7-8 Live @ PARADISO (MAIN HALL), Amsterdam     


1.   Leave

2.  Free

3.  Prophecy

4.  Flow    

5.  Wolves

6.  Impeach the President (music from Pay Me My Money Down - Traditional, with new lyrics by A MysterE)

7.  Need

8.  Wish

9.  Lips



The planned setlist & my backstage wristband!                                         The line up of July 26.                                                                           The various announcements (Parool-PS van de week #1).





The various announcements (Parool-PS van de week #2).




The various announcements (Paradiso Programme).







And a promo for this show by Rotem Perach who also played that night!




The pictures of the show.










All photos  & videos where shot by my girl Leila, thanx darling!


The videos



The first song of the night was 'Leave'                                                      My song about whatever happened to....... 'Free'



Realationship song 'Flow'                                                                          Based on the fearfull events in Stephen King's Children of the Corn #5  'Prophecy'



My song about the papparazi 'Wolves'                                                      The last time this song was played ever......'Impeach the President'



The song about being a musician 'Need'                                                   What we all want...... 'Wish'



And the last song of the night was 'Lips'



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