30-5-8 Open Podium Almere @ Schouwburg, Almere


1.    Free

2.   Lips

3.   Fuzz



The announcement in the

local newspaper

De Almare                             The announcement in the local newspaper Almere Deze Week  





The videos!!!


Lips #1                                                                                                      Lips #2


(shot by Leila, thanx darling!)                                                                    (shot by Nick Teunissen, thanx!) 



Free                                                                                                         Fuzz


(shot by Nick Teunissen, thanx!)                                                              (shot by Nick Teunissen, thanx!)




The Photos (shot by Leila, thanx darling!)















And even more photos, but these were taken by the wonderfull theatre and concert photographer (who holds the copyright to these) Sander de Goede (www.degoedefoto.nl

























Thanx Sander, you did a great job!!!     



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