30-7-7 Live @ PARADISO (MAIN HALL), Amsterdam     


1.   Flow

2.  Black Queen

3.  Wasted

4.  Impeach the President (music from Pay Me My Money Down - Traditional, with new lyrics by A MysterE)   

5.  Private Isle (Roughed Up Version)

6.  Fuzz

7.  Road



The planned setlist & my backstage wristband!                                                                                    The various announcements.












The line up of July 30.                                                                                                                                                                      The dressing-room-shield.                                          



The soundcheck.






The show.
















All photos (except backstage and outside) where taken by and copyright of Nico Reinders, www.bowiefan.nl


The videos


 Intro & Flow                                                                                                        Black Queen



Wasted                                                                                                                Impeach the President


Private Isle (Roughed Up Version)


All video's, incl. screenshots of the soundcheck have been shot by Leila, thanx darling!


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