6-5-9 The AA-Tour @ Parnassos Live! @ Parnassos Cultuurcentrum, Utrecht


After Runnymede (Canada) & A MysterE met each other through MySpace and got together to do a duo tour, the AA-Tour, through The Netherlands in the first half of May. The tour eventually ended up being 5 gigs and a radio-show (on Amsterdam-FM) long! It varied from night to night how the set up was, this night we both did a 45 minute set and was the most full set up we did with live video-feed from both our performances and images Christien (After Runnymede) shot during his tour and had set up.


 1.    Free
 2.    Need
 3.    Private Isle
(Jazzed Up Version)
 4.    Flow
 5.    Wolves
 6.    Only Love Can Break Your Heart
 7.    Lips
 8.    Wish
 9.    Bull
10.   Edge
11.    Fuzz




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