Big fight, big tears
Crying loud, so much fear
Just get together, tonight, tonight,....., tonight

No call, but fear
No talk, so no tears
Just be together, just be together, tonight, tonight,....., tonight

Walking out, walking proud
Making clear, What I need
What I want, yeah what I want with you, with you, .....with you 

At the end of the day, Just a wreck on the highway, and
A price to pay, nothing left to say, No more games to play 

I'm free, you are not
See what I've got, you have not
Just get together,just get together,tonight, tonight,....., tonight

Thinking 'bout my needs
It is you and me
Be together tonight, tonight, ....., tonight

Getting what, I need
'I hope you'll come, along with me
And we will stay together, yeah we will stay together, this night, this night

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