Suicide is empty rage,
You won't wake up today, Too late.

Dead & buried into the dirt
Under the green grass you wear a shirt
You bought in Kansas.

Where you had a really good time
You felt so divine, oh yeah you did.

The end of you made us cry
We all wonder why, 
You had to leave us, You had to leave us.

What troubles did you had
That made you so sad, so sad.

I have no words for your death, 
In your last letter you said, 
You'd smile when you'd die.

It's a hard thing to believe
All we do is grieve, Oh yeah.

Fond memories of you, 
It hurts when we do, think of you, think of you.

Remember the time on that hill
Where we had such a thrill.

Remember those nights
We held each other,      tight.

Remember we used to talk
At our steady walk,   so much joy.

I'm afraid of the day, you've gone to stay
T' happens to the dead.

You never gave me any clue, 
no chance to understand you.

Now it's too late
What's da price I should've paid?
To've kept you alive, you are the love of my life.

Thinking of what ya did
Somehow made my soul,    thick
It'll follow me through life
You are no more alive, oh no.

You won't be around any more
That's for sure.


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