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 A MysterE  


CEASE (Aug.2005)


Life should be more than this

Cease the day, let's play













Next performances

* Monday, January 30, Acoustic Sessions @ Drover's Dog, Wibaautstraat 206, Amsterdam (18.30)
* Tuesday, January 31, Radio 9 Oostzaan session (to be broadcast later) @ Wakker Wereld, Oostzaan (21.00)
* Sunday, February 5, Singer Songwriters Gelderland @ Culture Music Club, Arnhem (16.00)
* Friday, February 10, Amsterdam Songwriter Guild presents @ Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam (18.00)

For all future (& past) performances, see gigs.



* So I played RPLFM (Woerden) earlier this year, here's the full show with 3 trax and interview(s).

* Most recent new trax are called 'Shine', 'Black Smoke', 'How', 'Only', 'Strong', 'Go' and 'Crown'. Lyrics for those and all other lyrics can be found here.
* If you want to friend me go to my public Facebook page and become friends (or follow me).
* If you want to like me here's my dedicated music-page on Facebook!


* For a change check out my YouTube channel, so see what I'm like on stage!


* Here's a video & picture of my second Paradiso concert a while back.



   Here's the song 'Wolves' !




YES, the mp3 of my 'anti-Bush' song 'Impeach the President' is now downloadable (linked) from the LIVING WITH WAR theme web-site from the one and only NEIL YOUNG. Right now I'm on number 776. You can still download the song from here: 



More details about the German-sang 'Der Rote Tango' project I did May 2005, how the project came together, who contributed to it and linx to both the VPRO and the original black and white videoclip can be found here, and sorry (for you outsiders) it is in Dutch. 



If you happen to have any pictures from a performance by A MysterE that are not on this site, please conctact A MysterE @



*    Writing, recording and performing songs live on stage

*    Playing DJ-sets @ parties

*    Writing stories, columns, interviews and a movie screenplay



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